We are always seeking new soldiers in the fight to push back the empire. If you think you have what it takes, feel free to submit your application! After reading this introduction, the link below will take you to the application page.

We have no age specifications, but we will only accept mature, dedicated individuals. Applicant are expected to be helpful, friendly and courteous. As well, we are a social guild, and encourage participation on our forums, in guild chat and on ventrillo.

Basic rules of conduct:

Members of the R.M.C. will always behave in a manner befitting the guild tag. This means no bickering with other players, either in game or on the forums. No flaming, trolling or harassment will be tolerated. Rascist, sexist, homophoboic or other hateful speech will result in an immediate ban as well.

Acceptance into the R.M.C.is not based on a player's abilities or availability, but rather on the merit of their character. We look to recruit the the best the game has to offer to represent the us on the battlefield.

The link below will direct you to the application page on our forum. Please register for an account using the referral code 'friend', then fill out an application!