The REPUBLIC MERCY CORPS was founded in anticipation of The Old Republic by two long time fans and advocates for the Republic. Built on a foundation of strong community relationships and passion for the game, the RMC is a progressive, dedicated guild looking to provide aid for the Republic in its struggle against the aggression of the Sith Empire.

We are a semi-casual guild, family and real-life friendly, who are looking to progress in game as a community. We will be working together to achieve common goals and help better the game and our chosen server. We will be striving for - and achieving - excellence in PvP, heroic and raid content, but never at the expense of our members.

We are seeking similarly dedicated individuals - selfless, benevolent and passionate about the Republic’s cause. We need soldiers willing to put themselves and their ego on the line for the good of the whole. A good attitude and mature outlook are a must, as is a willingness to work for something larger than ones self. The RMC places no demands on time or schedule, but rather on character and merit.

We actively encourage RP in character development, but it is not a requirement in chat or in-game player interactions. An understanding of our lore and history is required, and players are required to act accordingly within the scenario we have created, but we will never discount an individual’s story or motivations if is can be justified within the canon we have provided. While we do not place restrictions on alignment, characters should be working towards creating a better galaxy through their actions. The Republic Mercy Corps fights for the downtrodden and the voiceless, the victims and the casualties of a war brought on them by the Sith Empire. We do this because we were once those victims, powerless to fight back before finding a home in the RMC. And now we return the Empire’s aggression in kind. The Republic Mercy Corps are fighting the good fight, and this should be reflected in the choices characters make, as well as how the player conducts themselves in game.

Hope is a light that burns brightest in the darkness, and with the coming of the Sith Empire’s warmongering and tyranny, hope is all some have left. For those, the RMC will be there, a beacon to follow until light shines on all in the universe once more.

We are all in this together, and we will win this together. Be the hope. Join the Republic Mercy Corps.